With over 40 the train left for a great body? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Many men have established their jobs at this age, have a high standard of living and do not feel at all like over 40. But the body often does not fit the youthful mind. FITBOOK tells you how you can still get a top body – if you keep these 7 points in mind.

Dream body over 40 – the new male status symbol

The dream body with over 40 is the ultimate proof of youthfulness and fitness among men. While a sleek sports car or a Harley with a leather jacket used to help to visually rejuvenate after past mid-life, men are now increasingly relying on their bodies. And let’s be honest: At the latest when the sporty vehicle is in the garage and the expensive clothes are back in the closet, the physical condition reveals itself.

So why invest your money in expensive status symbols when you can turn your own body into a desirable object? Especially since it is one of the areas in which we have the greatest influence. Here we reveal what you need to do for the dream body over 40.

7-point plan brings men over 40 to their dream body faster

The good news: Even at over 40, men can still get the body they have only dreamed of. The bad news: You can’t buy the body, unfortunately you have to work (hard) for it. But you can be all the more proud of the result afterwards. For the dream body over 40, the following seven tips can help:

Point 1: Find your source of motivation

“Nothing works without will” – this saying applies particularly to physical change. Unfortunately, strong will is a matter of type. In other words: While it is easy for some to take on something and then follow through with it, others always find an excuse why they deviate from their goals. Probably men with an iron will already have their bodies under control – if not the top body that others dream of.

But how do you develop a strong will? Even if it is not a nice occasion, many people are motivated by an insult – for example after an unwanted separation from their partner. Health problems that can only be resolved through a change in life can be a further source of motivation. But once you get into your 40s, you can ask yourself the following questions: Am I satisfied with my body? If not: why don’t I change it? Because if not now, then when? It’s entirely up to you!

Another important motivator: the elasticity of the skin decreases with age. The later you start “shaping” your body, the more difficult it becomes for the skin to adapt to the new body. Especially if you have lost a lot of weight, the skin can remain slack. This can be corrected surgically, but it costs money and leaves scars. So if you want to start the second half of your life with a fit and slim body, you should start right away.

Self-motivation – a constant topic

While the will is usually at the beginning, self-motivation is a constant theme. After a strenuous day at work, you often only want peace and relaxation or a sociable evening with friends. Unfortunately, neither of these leads to the dream body. A tip: if you haven’t discovered it yet, use exercise as an outlet for stress, anger and pressure. This is also recommended by  boxing coach Christoph Teege .

Very important: You have to keep in mind that sporting activities are the best for your health and your body. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn, the better you relieve stress and the more relaxed and confident you will become. Because every single sport unit not only increases your well-being, but also your self-esteem. No matter how bad you feel, after an hour of exercise, you will feel better. You have to keep reminding yourself of this when faced with the question: couch or gym? For the dream body over 40, you know the answer.

Point 2: go to a doctor

Are you determined to get your body under control and shape it according to your ideas? Very well, next please go to your family doctor, because unfortunately many men are still real doctor grouches. No wonder that the German Society for Men and Health eV  regularly reminds you to go to preventive care at least once a year. According to a study from 2018, only every second man in Germany does this.

Get the testosterone level tested

By the way: Have your vitamin and mineral levels as well as your thyroid checked. A deficiency in B vitamins and iron can lead to decreased performance, as can a malfunction of the thyroid gland. At the same time, however, there is no point in resorting to multivitamin supplements at random – why, explains nutritionist Prof. Dr. Interview with Helmut Heseker: Vitamin  pills only produce “expensive urine” .

Point 3: Diet is the alpha and omega for the dream body

Nutrition is the be-all and end-all on the way to your dream body, not only when you are over 40. Unfortunately, this is also a very complex topic, after all, it has a lot to do with quality of life and enjoyment. An after-work beer, a glass of wine to relax, nibbles and sweets as a stress killer or a generous dinner after work – many things that are bad for a beautiful body are part of daily rituals. That is why it is particularly hard to change your own diet or to completely forego small sins. You should consider the following tips:

1. Change your diet in such a way that you can keep it up permanently. If you are not a person of absolute consistency, allow yourself unhealthy exceptions, but try to make them as infrequent as possible. Many athletes speak of a “ Cheat Day ”, a day a week on which sweet and greasy sins are also allowed. That’s okay if you eat (very) healthy food for the remaining six days of the week.

2. Avoid soft drinks and juices, as both contain large amounts of sugar and are fattening foods (with the exception of the light versions). Instead of juices, eat fruit (and don’t overdo that, either). An apple is more filling and has more healthy ingredients than a glass of apple juice.

3. Little sugar and sweets: In the meantime, many studies have shown that not fat, but industrial sugar is the main cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sugar causes insulin production in the body to shoot up as soon as we eat something sweet. This in turn inhibits fat metabolism. So if you nibble constantly, you won’t get rid of your fat deposits, but will push your insulin up – and continue to gain weight.


How do you overcome your cravings for sweets? Very easily! Every time you feel like a sweet tooth, you reach for fruit: an apple , a pear or grapes contain fructose, but they also contain a lot of water, vitamins and fiber, making them more filling than sweets. Alternatively: In a pinch, you can snack on a few pieces of dark chocolate (with at least 80 percent cocoa content). It is low in sugar and quickly filling thanks to its high (but not unhealthy) fat content.

4. No white flour products: In addition to sweets, white flour products are also problematic, as they also extremely boost insulin production. That is why you should use whole grain products and avoid sweet and salty pastries of any kind as often as you can.

5. No more alcohol: As difficult as it is to go without a glass of wine or beer, it is worth it. You save calories and don’t get hungry afterwards (which triggers an even worse calorie sin!). Also, don’t forget: alcohol is a toxin that is particularly harmful to your liver and brain. In addition, through (regular) alcohol consumption you can easily lose control of your diet and the necessary discipline during training. For a dream body over 40 men should break with alcohol, willy-nilly – or at least only drink it on special occasions.

Good fats and oils: fish, olive oil, nuts, avocado

6. Don’t eat too much! If you want to lose weight, there is one simple rule you should follow: you need to create a calorie deficit. In plain English, this means consuming fewer calories than you burn in everyday life. You have two levers here: exercise and, more importantly, diet. The more you move, the more you can eat too. But be careful: modern day-to-day work in the office is very sedentary. Even if you exercise an hour a day and spend most of the rest sitting down, don’t overdo it with your calorie intake.

One of the most difficult tasks is to eat enough but not too much, not to go hungry, but at the same time lose weight or keep your weight off. Try to eat slowly as the satiety signal takes about 15 minutes from the stomach to the brain. Eat too fast, consume more calories than your body needs.

7. “Eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king at lunchtime and like a beggar in the evening”: This old saying is actually a good guideline for the ideal proportion of meals. You should always pay attention to a healthy composition: sufficient protein, few carbohydrates , preferably vegetable fats and oils. Salad and vegetables should be included in your meals as often as possible because they are bulky and low in calories. So the stomach is filled quickly.

In addition: sometimes avoiding a meal. Longer fasts within one day help to keep the insulin level in the body low for a longer period of time – this activates the fat metabolism.

8. “Does this go with my dream of a toned body?” This question will help you make the right food choices. For example, you will automatically reach for healthy foods after a workout that provide you with important nutrients for building muscle instead of relying on empty calories .

Point 4: move, move, move!

In addition to diet, exercise is the second major factor influencing your body. And there is only one rule here: move as much as you can. Align your everyday life so that you can move as much as possible.

1. You need a bike:  A car or public transport is convenient, but of course you burn zero calories. Therefore, the bicycle should become your primary means of transportation. Especially in the morning on the way to work, you can use it to boost your metabolism and burn parts of your breakfast right away.

2. Climbing stairs: Make it your ritual to pick up your legs instead of using the elevator or escalator.

3. Lunch stroll : If possible, take a walk after every lunch before going back to your desk. This is not only good for the body, it also clears the mind.

4. Exercise several times a week: This is where hard work comes in. For a dream body you have to train. Train hard. You should really work out at least three days a week. According to studies, it is better to train more often and for a shorter time than rarely and for a long time. So it’s better to do one hour five times a week than 1.5 hours three times a week.

The more you exercise, the more you should be careful not to use the same muscles on two consecutive days. An example of how to do it right: Day 1 – Chest, Triceps and Shoulders / Day 2 – Back, Biceps and Abs / Day 3 – Legs and Butt / Day 4 – Recovery.

5. Pay attention to variety: One of the main reasons why many fail on a dream body, not just over 40, is that they move too one-sided. They only do the same exercises in the gym, they always run the same distance at the same pace or swim their laps every week in the same swimming style.

The art of training is to challenge the body as varied as possible so that the muscles do not get used to the workout and stagnate as they grow. In addition, the body is shaped evenly. If you find it difficult to break your routines, you should invest in a personal trainer who regularly revises the training plan and integrates new exercises.

You can also achieve variety by combining different types of training: 1 x per week running, 1 x per week swimming, 1 x per week high-intensity training (HIT) in the gym, 1 x per week Crossfit .

6. Make a plan: by entering your training days firmly in the calendar, they become binding and you keep track of your training units. It also helps to keep a training diary. So don’t forget which exercise you are lifting which weight, and you can better document your progress on the way to your dream body with over 40.

7. Working out: If you want to change your body, you should always go to the limit . While light training impulses are enough for untrained people to stimulate the muscles to grow, it becomes more and more difficult later. Therefore, you should slowly but steadily increase your weight and always push yourself to the limit. But not beyond that, otherwise there is a risk of serious injuries. You would then have to pause training, which would be counterproductive. So feel your way to the limits of your body without harming it.

8. Alone, with a partner or in a group: For many, the training is also a little break in everyday life that they would like to spend alone. But there are people who prefer to train with a training partner, a trainer or in a group. This has many advantages: You can motivate yourself better and you will be corrected in the event of incorrect movements. It can also be more fun to pursue a common goal with others.

Point 5: Be consistent and persevere

Even if you diligently observe all of the previous points, you will still fail on the way to your dream body over 40 if you are not consistent enough and have no stamina. A birthday party here, a business lunch there or just not in the mood for sports after work. If you skip training too often and indulge in too many small “nutritional sins”, you will miss your goal.

It helps if you make training a fixed, irrefutable ritual. Always in the morning before work or in the evening after, the main thing is that there is no good reason not to do it.

Point 6: Do not make false illusions

“What should my dream body actually look like?” That is the question that you should ask yourself – without becoming unrealistic. If you sit in an office from morning to evening, you have the worst possible conditions to look like a personal trainer in the gym. If you’ve never enjoyed exercising or exercising regularly, it’ll also be harder to build muscle, compared to someone who’s been in the gym for ten years. And you mustn’t forget: Many muscle-bound men in the gym help with illegal means or questionable dietary supplements. In addition, some of them follow strict diets that are harmful to their health and are not practicable for most people.

So just focus on your body and its possibilities. Try to get the most out of yourself without chasing false illusions. Some people just find it very difficult to get six pack abs because their bodies tend to “belly fat”. For you that means: train extra hard. But that can put a lot of pressure on motivation. Then concentrate on your strengths: chest , shoulders, back, arms or legs – depending on where you notice that your body appeals particularly well.

In the end, the genetic prerequisites also determine how far your body can be shaped according to your ideal. There is no point in constantly fighting against your investments. Instead, accept your natural limits and make the most of them. The dream body over 40 is in the end a very individual ideal and does not always have to look the same.

Point 7: Don’t lose the fun and reward yourself

The dream body with over 40 is a tedious project for men. Depending on your initial situation (whether you are very overweight, underweight or an average body), the project will take several months or even years. You can’t do that if you just have to torment and force and overcome yourself.

You should find fun in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your successes and treat yourself to new clothes or a trip. And even if things are not going so well with training, motivation and a balanced diet: Don’t give up, keep your dream body goal in mind and just do better the next day. Your body will thank you, because you are not only making it beautiful, but above all, you are making it fit for the second half of your life.

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