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What is the difference between HIIT and HIT?

Is there actually a difference between HIIT and HIT or are there just different spellings of the same fitness trend? Clearly: there are actually two different types of training! Both have one thing in common, namely the extremely high intensity, but one (HIT – high-intensity training) is more used in weight training and the other (HIIT – high-intensity interval training) is more used in endurance sports. But that’s not the only difference between HIIT and HIT. HIIT as a time-saving alternative to classic endurance training Highly intensive intervals in the HIIT sense have almost always existed in competitive sports. But in recent years more and more studies have emerged that attested the relatively short but intensive endurance intervals to be very effective and thus presented it as a very time-saving variant of classic endurance training. One of the most well-known methods is certainly the so-called Tabata method , in which you perform 20 seconds of high intensities – followed by a 10-second break – exactly eight times in a row. In the total of only four minutes of training, the scientist Tabata was able to demonstrate extreme training adaptations of his test subjects. However, many associate this method as the only HIIT method and it is far from it. There are many more, such as: 10 x 1 minute high intensity followed by a 60 to 75 second break (Gibala method). Other methods, such as 5 x 30 seconds or 4 x 4 minutes, etc., have also often been scientifically tested and declared to be quite effective. As a study by Prof. Billy Sperlich from the University of Würzburg recently showed, even 6-minute intervals can be very effective. However, the results of this study were even more positive with regard to the adaptations of the subjects’ strength skills than those of the endurance skills. And so there seems to be interfaces and / or overlaps with strength training. In summary, the HIIT method can be seen as very effective and time-saving, but it should not be seen as a complete replacement for “good old endurance training”. But what is the HIT all about? The version with the one “I” has also been known in specialist circles for decades. However, more in weight training circles! What is the difference between HIT and HIIT? In weight training, high-intensity training is usually understood to mean so-called intensity-increasing techniques. There are quite a few of these and they all have one goal: total fatigue of the muscle being trained. This includes, for example, working with so-called “forced repetitions”. This means that – preferably with the help of a training partner – you do more repetitions with a weight after the last possible repetition. One of the best-known methods that is often associated with the HIT are the so-called drop sets. Here, for example, you train with a weight that you can manage eight times on your own. In contrast to conventional strength training, the person exercising will not take a break after completing eight repetitions, but will reduce some weight (approx. 10-20%) and continue with the exercise immediately. After a renewed fatigue or a few possible “repetitions”, the user repeats the weight reduction again and will train in the following third set (quasi 3 in 1) until the muscle is completely tired. In the truest sense of the word, a highly intensive training, a HIT! Sports beginners better only after consultation Both methods come from completely different camps (endurance sports vs. weight training), but have the same goal: to achieve a high training effect through extremely high loads in the shortest possible time. This is a good alternative, especially for experienced athletes, but should not be used or only to a limited extent for beginners or in consultation with a coach or doctor.

How Much Self-Optimization is Healthy?

According to Statista, three quarters of all Germans are not satisfied with their weight. Many are constantly trying to achieve their dream body through exercise, nutrition and discipline. Where are the limits? How much optimization is healthy? Influencer Louisa Dellert and Aglaja Stirn, professor of psychosomatic medicine, talk about the dangerous delusional body. Every day our legs carry us to the bus, to work, to shopping, to the kitchen and to bed. Every minute the stomach ensures that the most important organs are protected and that we are well nourished. However, most women and men don’t like these and other parts of the body at all: the cellulite looks terrible, the fat rings are disgusting, the arms too weak, the buttocks too flat … The list of inadequacies is often endless. According to the XXL report by DAK-Gesundheit and Statista, more than one in three Germans constantly worries about being too fat. The reasons for this often lie in childhood. The reasons for a distorted body image are complex: In today’s society, most people no longer have to work physically for their food, fast food is particularly cheap, there is no physical activity – the connection between exercise and food consumption virtually no longer exists. At the same time we see a flood of supposedly perfect bodies on TV and on the Internet! The unbelievable number: 400 to 600 advertisements pound down on us every day, every eleventh of them contain messages about ideals of beauty. And on social media, body shaming – negative comments on bodies that do not correspond to the current ideal of beauty – is on the agenda. This leads to the fact that we want to be dangerously thin ourselves. And since our everyday life automatically becomes more and more sedentary, many are encouraged to do too much sport and pay special attention to diet. When does it get dangerous? Concrete lower limits are difficult to name because every body is different. Units such as the body mass index are also not always helpful, as a physique with narrow shoulders and smaller joints, for example, reduces the BMI. Therefore you have to look at the psyche here. Aglaja Stirn, Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine and Sexual Medicine at the University of Kiel: “It becomes critical when personal suffering occurs. Exercise and nutrition are always high on the agenda for those with anorexia or sports addiction. Professional duties can no longer be fully fulfilled, social contacts are neglected. A clear indication is also when voluntariness is replaced by necessity, ie when the following applies no longer: ‘I want to do sport’, but rather: ‘I have to do sport’. “ The insidious: those affected often cannot recognize the dangerous limit themselves. And the environment has a hard time getting things done, as those often deny they have a problem. “Fitness models often have nothing to do with fitness, but only with being slim or skinny! The younger generation, the teenagers, who watch it on social media, take it as an idol. I think that’s dangerous. At that time, it made me exercise three times a day and only eat salad. I wanted to be loved and noticed. And I thought that you can only do that if you think I’m really pretty. But I didn’t consider that people would do the same if I had a great character, if I was happy, ”said the 31-year-old. The way out of the body mad crisis Today Louisa Dellert has almost 400,000 subscribers on Instagram, who no longer admire her lean body, but for her strength, her self-confidence, her tenacity, her commitment to a good cause and her now healthy understanding of her body. “What is still missing for me? Campaigns exactly at the point where all this fitness advertising and ideals of beauty are shown: On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – more should be done, “said the influencer. ( You can hear Louisa’s full story and which event got her out of her eating disorder in the DAK-Gesundheit interview podcast). How do you deal with loved ones in private who are at risk of developing pathological behavior? Forehead explains: “Unfortunately there is no magic bullet. But there are certain things that families and friends can keep in mind: In the case of an eating disorder, for example, the environment can motivate the person concerned to seek professional help. It is also helpful to inform yourself as a family member: What does an eating disorder mean? How does it work and how does it affect the body and mind? ”The better you know as a relative, the more helpful you are. The problem should be openly addressed to the person concerned. “However, the conversation should be less about weight and more about behavior change. Warning: denial is a natural reaction of those affected. It is important not to be turned away – parents or the partner should insist on seeing a doctor! “ You can also find quick help at your health insurance company. DAK-Gesundheit, for example, offers the Veovita program . It is designed for all types of mental illness. The needs of those affected are determined quickly and a suitable and individual online program is put together, combined with psychosocial telephone advice. Don’t let it get that far … In a world where unhealthy ideals of beauty rule, it is not easy to maintain a natural, healthy point of view. Because lamenting about the cellulite, the lifebuoy on the stomach or the few muscles is almost a good form. And this is where you can start, the expert knows: “There are certain protective factors that can counteract addiction disorders. The environment here is very important. A good common food culture in the partnership and their friends can help, besides you can talk about prevailing ideals of beauty and this critically ” A healthy coexistence so is also a key to ensuring that the individual stays healthy! Always a good thing: give compliments that have nothing to do with your body! A few ideas: I admire your way of dealing with challenges! I love your laugh. You exude so much optimism. A conversation with you makes me happy! I am happy to have met you. You are a warm person! With you I can be who I am, I don’t have to pretend. You have a great way of seeing the world. You are so good at listening. I love your taste in clothes. You inspire me! I love working with you. You have a wonderful being.

How important is the rest of the day for increasing performance?Fitness addicts don’t give a damn about him, our fitness professional, Prof. Dr. Stephan Geisler, explains its benefits – especially with regard to supercompensation.

“Rest-what? We have not got that. We shoot 365 days! ”It sounds like this or something like that when you run into“ sports addicts ”and talk about the rest of the day. In fact, there are more such people than you think. And while it has to be said that “sports addiction” is definitely the healthiest of all addictions, there are still a few pitfalls that we should talk about. 1st problem: super compensation In the context of fitness science, this term refers to the fact that you convert energy during training and this is later balanced again and even a little more  than balanced for a certain time  (the  “super”  in super compensation !). This “over-replenishment” of the memory means that for a certain period of time the body has more energy available than before the original training session. The optimal time for the next training session would be this “peak”.  Why a day’s break makes sense (especially after a hard session) should be clear to everyone. However, many “trick” their bodies by splitting their training. So, for example, only train your legs one day and only your upper body the next day. So you could (theoretically) train every day and still give the respective muscles a break. So far so good. However, many forget that not only the body, but also our “mind” plays an important role. That is to say, our head also needs a break and time to regenerate. Anyone who actually does sport every day runs the risk of burning out in the long run. 2. Problem: Overload damage If you train daily, you not only have to worry about your energy reserves and your performance, you should also keep an eye on your joints and cartilage. Unfortunately, our joint cartilage does not have the property (such as our muscles or bones) to regenerate adequately. If you put excessive strain on your joints, you run the risk of prematurely wearing out the cartilage And what is gone is gone. So you better be careful with your body, because even if you sometimes think that it is a machine, it is definitely vulnerable and every now and then just wants to have a rest day! Oh, and one more thing – fitting at this point – a short piece of information about our study on the subject of “detraining”: We trained young football players for twelve weeks and then had them take a three-week break. At the end of the three-week break, the players hadn’t lost any muscle mass or strength. So don’t be afraid of breaks – sometimes they even make you stronger!

The pros and cons of exercising on an empty stomach

People who work out before breakfast are said to benefit from burning fat, it is said again and again. But is exercise on an empty stomach really THE diet secret? Basically, our body needs energy in order to achieve top performance in sport. Is pre-workout food essential to replenish energy stores? No, say some athletes: Exercising on an empty stomach supposedly burns more fat. But is that even true? And is that also healthy? FITBOOK asked Winfried Banzer whether “fasted training”, as the sober training is also called, really melts the fat deposits . He is a professor of sports medicine and headed the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Frankfurt aM. The focus of his research is on performance diagnostics and training control as well as nutritional medicine. And the sports medicine specialist Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel explains when exercising before breakfast helps. Why exercise on an empty stomach? The thesis is: on an empty stomach, the body taps the fat deposits in order to get energy. The combustion apparatus is working at full speed. If the training goal is primarily weight loss, training on an empty stomach can lead to the desired weight loss. Many find exercise on an empty stomach more pleasant anyway. Prof. Dr. Dr. Banzer confirms that theoretically the fat deposits could be attacked with an empty carbohydrate store, but makes it clear that in the end it is just a myth. Because: “Whether on an empty stomach or after eating, the energy supply in the body is always the same. So it makes no difference in energy consumption whether you train on an empty stomach or not. “The expert also gives hope:” You would have to increase your performance additionally in order to achieve the desired fat-burning effect. “ Study shows positive effect A British research team led by Dr. In a study published in October 2019, Rob Edinburgh of the University of Bath came to the conclusion that exercising before breakfast does indeed stimulate fat burning: According to Edinburgh, twice as much fat is burned before breakfast than afterwards. 30 overweight men took part in the study. One group trained before breakfast, the other after breakfast – with identical training sessions and adapted food intake. A third control group, however, did not change their behavior at all. The authors of the study say that the test subjects lost weight equally over the six-week study period – regardless of whether they exercised before breakfast or after. As far as weight loss is concerned, the time when you train makes no difference. Co-author of the study Dr. However, Javier Gonzales emphasizes the great health benefits of sober training: “Our results suggest that a change in the time of eating compared to when you do sport brings about profound and positive changes in the general state of health.” because the body responds better to insulin if you exercise before breakfast. Blood sugar levels are better kept under control and the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease may be reduced. ✔️ 3-in-1 multifunction mixer ✔️ 700W high-performance motor ✔️ Includes 600ml drinking bottle Anyone who wants to develop muscles should eat before training Sports scientist Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel sees many positive aspects in exercising before breakfast. However, he differentiates when it comes to the training goal : “ If it is only a matter of helping you lose weight, then training on an empty stomach is certainly a good method. Fat burning is optimized because there are no disruptive elements in the low insulin phase that block fat burning. The weight loss is only marginal if the subjects continue to eat too high calories. “ On the other hand, if you are training to build muscle, you should eat something before exercising. Despeghel explains: “Exercising before breakfast is never anabolic. Only when the body is optimally supplied with carbohydrates, protein and fat before training can it build muscles. In addition, the performance on an empty stomach is not high enough to maintain the performance during training over the long term. ”  Despeghel recommends training with prior food intake to all those who want to develop muscle mass and have sufficient patience and time . Are there any risks involved in exercising on an empty stomach? Anyone who already suffers from circulatory problems in the morning should rather avoid training on an empty stomach. “Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to massive drops in performance,” warns Prof. Banzer. Dizziness due to low blood sugar and malaise may cause you to feel faint. The risk of injury is correspondingly high. “If someone is already weak or diabetic, training on an empty stomach can lead to a lack of sugar and there is a risk of hypoglycemia.” Symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar are rapid heartbeat, sweating and tremors. Caution: If the blood sugar concentration continues to drop, it can, in the worst case, lead to hypoglycemic shock, which is life-threatening. Dextrose or a sugary juice spritzer offers quick help. If you decide to train on an empty stomach despite the risks, there are a few things to consider: Doing sport in the morning: This is how you can prevent long periods of time without eating Drink a glass of water before exercising Better a short jog than strength training with weights Keep the intensity of the exercise low What is the Train-Low-Compete-High-Method? The train-low-compete-high method is a trend that is popular with endurance athletes, e.g. B. marathon runners, is very common. Usually, you train with a poor carbohydrate store. Bread, pasta, etc. are then taboo. Intensive training units and competitions, on the other hand, are contested with a full memory. This is primarily intended to stimulate and train fat metabolism and mitochondria formation (mitochondria are also called the power plants of cells). Does training on an empty stomach prevent muscle building? Another point made by critics is that training on an empty stomach prevents or promotes muscle loss. The thesis is that the body gets the energy it needs from breaking down muscle proteins. That is only partly true. The body stores sugar as glycogen in the liver and muscles and draws the necessary energy from it during exercise. Only when this glycogen cushion is exhausted would the body begin to gain the energy from muscle breakdown. This is usually not the case. Because then the body would be so weakened that the training session would have to be stopped. If very lean people want to build muscle, it is not advisable to skip meals before exercising. You should rather pay attention to an increased calorie intake in order to “feed” the muscles. DISPLAY Vegan protein | PEANUT BUTTER BANANA ✔️ Vegetable protein powder ✔️ American classic ✔️ Well-tolerated raw material mixture Proper nutrition after exercise A post-workout snack should always be included, regardless of whether the goal is weight loss or muscle gain. After exercise, the body’s energy stores need to be replenished. So he can recover and build new muscle tissue. Therefore, the glycogen store in the muscles in particular needs the right nutrients in order to regenerate. Protein and carbohydrate rich food prevents protein breakdown in the muscles. Recommended foods include: Potatoes rice Eggs fish flesh low fat quark Protein shakes Conclusion: There is nothing against a relaxed run on an empty stomach, as long as you pay attention to sufficient energy supply after the workout and keep the intensity of the training low.

From how many meters is it actually altitude training?

How does altitude training work? “From an altitude of around 2000 to 2500 meters, the air pressure is lower. As a result, the partial pressure of oxygen in the body decreases and the concentration of oxygen in the blood is reduced, ”the sports doctor explains to FITBOOK. The body tries to counteract these – actually negative – framework conditions with several adaptation mechanisms. If there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, the kidneys produce more erythropoietin (better known as EPO) and, as a result, more hemoglobin and red blood cells (erythrocytes). Together with better blood flow to the muscles, these mechanisms ensure that the oxygen transport in the blood improves. When does the effect start and how long does it last? The difference to prohibited doping (taking EPO tablets, autologous blood doping) with regard to competitions: In the mountains, the effect of natural adaptation to oxygen shortages lasts for a comparatively short time. The altitude training expert puts it at several weeks. According to Stephan Pramsohler, quite a lot of training is necessary for the effect of the improved oxygen transport to occur at all. At least 15 hours of training over a period of three weeks are considered a minimum so that the body produces enough red blood cells to noticeably improve endurance performance, according to the expert. Does every athlete benefit from altitude training? Another issue is adjustment difficulties in altitude training: In high mountains, the body has to work much harder in order to be able to achieve the same performance as in lowlands (hence the faster breathing and the increased pulse). Many athletes would therefore report that they feel weak and inefficient. An evaluation of several studies has shown that there is something to this feeling  . The researchers’ conclusion: Yes, the performance during endurance training in the mountains decreases – and even minimally from an altitude of 600 to 800 meters! From 1000 meters, losses of two to four percent are to be expected, and from 2000 meters of at least four percent. But how does this negative impact fit together with the hoped-for increase in performance? “Less effective than assumed” Sports scientist Stephan Pramsohler does not see the current study situation on altitude training as particularly convincing – at least when it comes to increasing performance for athletes: “Physiologically advantageous adjustments to oxygen transport take place, but at the same time the athletes are not able to achieve the maximum intensity retrieve during training. These two effects seem to neutralize each other, which is why the bottom line is that the method is less effective than assumed a few years ago. ” Hypoxia training in the gym In order to benefit from the positive effects of high-altitude training, you no longer have to set off for the high mountains. In the meantime, training is offered in most large cities when there is insufficient oxygen (technical term: hypoxia training). In this case, nitrogen is supplied in a targeted manner in sealed rooms, which reduces the percentage of oxygen and the adjustments described above take place in the oxygen transport. Certain hypoxia masks also operate according to the same principle. By the way, if you mainly do strength training, you shouldn’t wear it .   Hobby climbers should of course acclimate themselves Such training should prepare the body at home for the increased stress on demanding mountain tours. This not only makes you fitter when hiking, but above all reduces the risk of dangerous altitude sickness. Because: Adequate physical preparation and acclimatization, as is usually done by professional alpinists, is often neglected by hobby mountaineers. This not only affects your fitness, but also increases the risk of the dreaded altitude sickness. And in the worst case it can even be fatal.

Vegan and weight training – do they go together?

Celebrity trainer Jörn Giersberg knows his way around when it comes to building muscle and losing weight. What is the opinion of the sports scientist on the subject of “weight training and still vegan”? Is it even possible to strive for more muscle mass with a plant-based diet or should veganism be seen as a trend? Jörn Giersberg: “Vegan muscle building is possible, but not optimal. Without meat there cannot be a complete amino acid balance. It makes sense to use different sources of amino acids (proteins). The combination of animal and vegetable sources is particularly essential. If you leave out one or the other side, you deprive yourself of an important part of the amino acid spectrum. “ DISPLAY Exactly. Animal products also have a higher biological value. This means that the amount of protein ingested is converted more effectively into the body’s own structures. The value for whole eggs is 100. Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, have a maximum value of approx. 70. So you would have to eat more to get the same amount of available protein. Obtaining this amount from natural foods makes the diet more demanding. What are the advantages or disadvantages of a meat diet? “There are never pure advantages to a one-dimensional diet and veganism is one-sided in my opinion. It is true that less fat, uric acid and cholesterol are absorbed through the plant-based diet. For example, cholesterol is needed for hormone production. There are, however, disadvantages! Due to the lower biological value of the plant-based diet, more must be eaten in order to cover the protein balance. Why is that a problem? Because this makes reaching for supplements more likely. Unfortunately, people think that they are doing themselves something good if they eat tons of powder just because protein and vitamins are mentioned. Incidentally, this does not only apply to vegan products! It’s really crazy how radiation the people are from the industry and its advertising claims. Diet supplements cannot be the solution! People can’t tell me that veganism is so healthy – and then I see them eating lots of chemistry. “ Is veganism more of a trend in weight training or is there more to it? “There are always examples of successful implementation in sport. Years ago I met Bill Pearl, a very famous bodybuilder who also ate a plant-based diet and was successful with it even before Schwarzenegger. For the broad mass of the population, however, this is not an issue. From my point of view it is and will remain a trend. It will certainly be more. People are increasingly turning to herbal products. Food is also changing and improving. However, I do not believe that animal nutrition can be replaced by this. DISPLAY In my experience, extremes never last – at least not for the masses. There are always people who rigorously follow certain diets. Few of them, however, want to limit themselves permanently in life or worry about food. For ecological and ethical reasons, veganism naturally makes sense. Nevertheless, animal nutrition is of great importance for our health, which cannot simply be brushed off the table. I am definitely in favor of not consuming meat as often and not fattening it up, but not doing it completely is not a solution either. “