“Rest-what? We have not got that. We shoot 365 days! ”It sounds like this or something like that when you run into“ sports addicts ”and talk about the rest of the day. In fact, there are more such people than you think. And while it has to be said that “sports addiction” is definitely the healthiest of all addictions, there are still a few pitfalls that we should talk about.

1st problem: super compensation

In the context of fitness science, this term refers to the fact that you convert energy during training and this is later balanced again and even a little more  than balanced for a certain time  (the  “super”  in super compensation !). This “over-replenishment” of the memory means that for a certain period of time the body has more energy available than before the original training session. The optimal time for the next training session would be this “peak”. 

Why a day’s break makes sense (especially after a hard session) should be clear to everyone.

However, many “trick” their bodies by splitting their training. So, for example, only train your legs one day and only your upper body the next day. So you could (theoretically) train every day and still give the respective muscles a break.

So far so good. However, many forget that not only the body, but also our “mind” plays an important role. That is to say, our head also needs a break and time to regenerate. Anyone who actually does sport every day runs the risk of burning out in the long run.

2. Problem: Overload damage

If you train daily, you not only have to worry about your energy reserves and your performance, you should also keep an eye on your joints and cartilage. Unfortunately, our joint cartilage does not have the property (such as our muscles or bones) to regenerate adequately. If you put excessive strain on your joints, you run the risk of prematurely wearing out the cartilage And what is gone is gone.

So you better be careful with your body, because even if you sometimes think that it is a machine, it is definitely vulnerable and every now and then just wants to have a rest day!

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