You always wanted to know which movement form you can use to burn maximum energy? We chased the most popular sports through our calorie calculator and these are the top 7!

For the calculation of the values ​​we entered 183 centimeters, 80 kilos and 30 years for the men, 165 centimeters, 60 kilos and also 30 years for the women. As usual with calories, the results are one hour of exercise.

Swimming (crawl *)

Crawling is the fastest and most demanding swimming technique , but everyone can learn it with a little practice . It is important to always pay attention to a clean technique during training. But a certain rigor and the iron will to always improve your swimming style pay off.

Professionals travel five kilometers an hour. Either way, muscles and endurance are trained without straining the joints and back, while excess body fat disappears on its own. But that’s not all: swimming not only strengthens the heart muscle and ensures that the veins are well supplied with blood, it is also a particularly aesthetic sport, the mastery of which can even save lives in an emergency.

Women: 480 calories Men: 648 calories

* The butterfly technique is, of course, much more intensive than crawling and would burn up significantly more calories in an hour – alone it is practically impossible to swim for an hour at a time.

Cycling (26 kilometers per hour)

The advantages of cycling are obvious: it relieves the joints, you are outside in the fresh air and it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Young, old, fit, beginners – cycling is a real all-rounder
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Even those who are not fit to exercise are usually more enthusiastic about cycling than jogging, for example. And there are muscular legs and a knockpo on top , for free. As with running: Start leisurely and then continuously increase, after all, a good portion of training is required to unwind a speed of 26km / h for one hour at a time. But you are also very far ahead in terms of calorie balance and fat burning with one-hour use of bikes.

Women: 578 calories Men: 781


There is hardly a sport that leaves you sweaty – and many say happier – than spinning. Quite often, the course instructors turn their units into a real party by heating up their participants properly with lighting effects, hot rhythms and loudly motivated statements.

Another advantage of spinning: it is so engaging that there is no time for brooding
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It can be so rousing that the “spinners” get into a intoxicating flow. The cardiovascular system is brought up to speed . The only downside: if you don’t have a private sports cellar, spinning is tied to a gym.

Women: 636 calories Men: 859 calories *

* The calorie consumption of spinning naturally depends on the intensity. The values ​​for this article are based on the information provided by the  Compendium of physical activities .

Running (12 kilometers per hour)

When it comes to endurance, fitness training and fat burning, good old running is unbeatable. It is also one of the easiest sports to do. In principle it is enough: shoes on and out! Of course, jogging beginners shouldn’t sprint blindly, otherwise you will be out of breath after a short time.


You can also make running in pairs
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So start slowly and increase your pace wisely and with patience. Then someday it will work out with the famous “Runner’s High” and the first marathon.

Important: If you have hardly done any sport so far, we advise you to consult a family doctor and / or orthopedic surgeon for a check-up before the big training start.

Women: 682 calories Men: 921 calories

Jumping rope

What we still know as leisure time fun from childhood turns out to be one of the greatest calorie killers ever. And all you need is a rope and a few healthy legs. Turn up brisk music and it almost bounces by itself. For some years now, jumping rope has been conquering the  fitness studios under the name “Rope Skipping” and is enjoying growing popularity.

So simple and yet so sweaty – jumping rope
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Unfortunately jumping rope is not for sports newbies. If you are (still) struggling with obesity or joint problems, you should approach slowly (about 2 to 3 times a week for 5 minutes) and always consult a doctor beforehand. Fitness machines that can practice jumping rope for an hour are rewarded with heavenly calorie consumption figures.

Women: 682 calories Men: 921 calories

Rollerblading (inline skating)

The kilos tumble quite well when rollerblading and you don’t have to go through a marathon. 60 minutes of inline skating burn about one meal and are therefore a strong partner in the fight against bacon. Whether alone, with friends or with the popular skate nights – rollerblading (almost) always works. So get the skates from the basement and off you go!

No matter whether young or old: When rollerblading you should always pay attention to the appropriate protection
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Women: 566 calories Men: 604 calories

Cross-country skiing

In cross-country skiing, all muscle groups are used, which makes the sport a real all-rounder in training. The all-encompassing movement promotes blood circulation and strengthens the heart. The even distribution of the load ensures that the individual muscle group – and the individual joint – is loaded rather little. And not to be neglected: in cross-country skiing (as with all endurance sports, by the way) the happiness hormone serotonin is released. Cross-country skiing makes you slim and happy.

Cross-country skiing is good for body and mind! The only problem: cross-country skiing is regional and seasonal, if you do not rely on roller skis
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Women: 520 calories Men: 765 calories

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